Visual Marketing Trends You Need To Pay Attention in 2020

Marketing is nothing without effective and efficient content, and it doesn’t matter if it is traditional marketing or digital marketing. Content always rules the marketing world. Visual marketing is an essential part of inbound marketing, and visual content can be incorporated into any platform, such as websites and social media. Based on studies, visual elements are 43% more influential than textual content. Among the numerous ways to increase user traffic try services from social media service providers like TikViral to gain an effective and instant reach.

Ephemeral Content

This kind of social media content that lasts only for 24 hours has a significant impact on gaining attention from people. Elements such as videos, photos, links, polls are the content that can be incorporated in your post. This kind of ephemeral content has was popular on Instagram and Snapchat. Now Facebook has taken advantage of this hit feature. To know its impacts look at the analytics and benefits of ephemeral content below.

  • There are 500 million people who consume Instagram stories every day.
  • Stories from businesses are consumed the most by one-third of Instagrammers.
  • More than 48% of brands post at least an Instagram story every month.

Advantages Of Ephemeral Content

1. Drives quick attention
2. Stays on the top of Newsfeed
3. It Supports content formats such as images, videos, polls, links to other social media.
4. Easy way to showcase new products
5. Increases attention to a profile

The Unstoppable Growth Of Video Marketing

Visual marketing has a consistent, uninterrupted impact on the digital marketing landscape. Brands have realized and are striving hard to gain attention in video marketing. One of the best video marketing channels is TikTok. To grow your presence online, you can buy TikTok likes and advance your engagement instantly. A human brain can process visual stuff fastly, and it can remember and fetch visual data more accurately than textual stuff. People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read and only 10% of what they hear, so think about how to get a place on a customer’s brain. To explain the above fact further, YouTube is a dominant and successful platform with visual content, and the results triggered other social media to find that integrate visual to make a visual-oriented platform.

Personalized Marketing

Visual advertisements are an effective way to gain traffic and leads, but people not always prefer ads everywhere. Personalized marketing plays a significant role in this situation, and the process initiates with gathering user’s data such as purchase behaviors, interests, and so on. Email marketing is another example of personalized marketing, and visuals can be integrated with email marketing to double the attention of customers, emails with images, banners, actionable links, product images are possible ways to freeze people’s eyes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can be a significant advantage for marketers in 2020, and this feature immerses users into a virtual and digital environment. AR can be used to provide a real-time shopping experience to the customers. The task is to think about the possible ways to immerse people with this technology and generate leads effectively. AR technology is unique and noticeable, helps to improve user experience.

360 Degree

360-degree pictures are another bonus for brands to describe their products more on the platform. This visual type is more likely to engage customers more and shareable on any platform. Any business can utilize its effectiveness, but for products and buildings and construction can get the most of it. 360-degree images help customers to view something from any dimension. For a simple 360-degree image, try the following steps. To get a 360-degree photo, you use Facebook to capture an image in panorama mode and upload it on the platform.

Live Streaming

Live sessions on Facebook have doubled every year, and Live broadcasting is an outstanding strategy to get more views from people. Instagram introduced a live feature in 2019 intending to increase more views to Instagram has launched a live stream feature that will enable media publishers to boost engagement with users. Live videos are four times more efficient than non-live videos by increasing user engagement.


There are so many content marketing trends that rule the online marketing world, and the above visual content marketing techniques are the primary and essential part of marketing in 2020. The strategies are results great and continue to raise brands. Ensure that you allocate your time and resources that result in better in the future. Video marketing can boost engagement rates conversation rate by 80%and increase brand credibility. Among the benefits of visual marketing, they are search engine friendly and hold the highest shareable rate on every platform, so the year 2020 is expected to be more visualized than before.